Eating Right Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese boxed meal Review

I know it seems like I have been doing a lot of product reviews lately and well I admit I have been eating a lot of processed foods.   One because my husband was gone and well who cooks when the hubby is gone?  I applaud your stamina if you do but I chill, let the kids fend for themselves.  Okay I did cook for the little one but everyone else…they were on their own.

We don’t buy processed items, canned items, or pre-made stuff hardly at all anymore so I used this time to get rid of things in my freezer and pantry.  Most were items I bought thinking they looked good but there they sat because we just don’t eat that kind of food in our home.

First off I wanted to be able to direct you to a website, I think that is the most important thing of a review.  But I literally spent 20 minutes searching, every phrase on the box and came up with nothing!

It is a Safeway brand food put out by Lucerne Food Inc.  It is Called Eating right for Gluten free, Gluten free deluxe Macaroni and cheese.  So I will just post the pictures.

photo 1 photo 2

I had a gluten eater with me at the time we sampled this. (don’t you love that term.  I use it all the time, oh you’re a gluten eater?  oh yeah I forget you’re a gluten eater!….he he he well it is only fair we get oh your on that gluten-free diet, or your one of those people who won’t eat gluten all the time.  Yeah no, I would never choose this life, it is only because of the Celiac.   but enough ranting)

her opinion that it tasted a lot like Velveeta mac and cheese.   I haven’t had Velveeta in a very long time but I recall it being a lot better than this.   I found this to have a very processed, plastic, fake, non creamy, non appealing, brown rice after taste and texture that was just not something I would put into my mouth again unless I had no other options.

She doctored it up the next day with some hot dogs cut into it and again she said it was not worse than normal boxed gluten filled macaroni and cheeses (cheap brands mind you, not kraft Mac and cheese)   So I guess I can’t complain too much it is just as good as the gluten filled boxed things.

Would I buy it again, Yeah probably for a camping trip but it won’t be on my grocery list and not just because we don’t buy processed food, it’s just I won’t feed this to my family when there is just so many other ways to make better tasting gluten-free mac and cheese including boiling up some pasta and melting processed cheese over it.

My reviews lately have been less than fun, I am so ready for a brand I can brag about and recommend to everyone.    Will that happen soon?  I sure hope so.


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Vegan Crab Cake Review

Do you remember my Vegan Calamari review?  If not click here.


These remind me back when we were first diagnosed with Celiac disease and there was hardly anything on the market except cardboard bread and things that just tasted like disgusting make overs of our normal foods.   Gluten free food has come a long way and I have to wonder why hasn’t Vegan come further?   Vegan I would think has been around a lot longer than Gluten free?

On with the review.     To say it nicely again……..Yuck.

I will say this was more edible than the calamari but oh so bland, and the texture was off and it had absolutely no taste of crab.  I closed my eyes, I imagined with all my might, I even pulled up a picture of a crab to see if seeing would help me believe that I was eating it. Nope, Nada, Nothing, zip, zero.  yuck.

Is vegan an acquired taste?  they say gluten free is something to get use to although anyone I invite to my home and relatives that visit can’t tell the difference between my cooking and others.  Mine is always gluten free.

So is it the brand?  I can’t honestly tell you.  I picked these up by mistake because they said gluten free and soy free.   I didn’t notice the Vegan til I got home.     Would I ever go Vegan?  Not after trying these two products unless I had no other choice like my celiac disease.

Oh boy the things I subject my body to sometimes in the name of product reviews.

sorry but I will never ever buy these again.

photo 2 photo 4



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Breakfast Cups

photo 1

Look at these cute little things I made for my sister while she was up.  They were so amazingly good and they tasted just as good the next day heated up too.  There has never been anything more simple to make than these.  The one on the left is in my silicone muffin tin and the one of the right is taken out.  they retain their shape wonderfully.

take some deli meat, what ever you like but we used ham, and put them in a muffin tin.   I used my silicone baking cups which I just adore.

then make your scrambled egg mixture (don’t add milk or water but just straight eggs and seasoning) which is however you want to make it.  I did eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and minced onion.  I filled each ham cup 3/4 of the way full.

Then top with whatever cheese you wish to use.   For my sister I used mont/jack cheese and for my son and I we used Daiya cheese.

Place in a 350 degrees oven until a knife inserted comes out clean.  about 20 minutes but all ovens vary.

this packs well in school lunches, picnic baskets, brown bag lunches, breakfast on the go, quick after workout snack, camping.  I really can’t think of a place these won’t go and still be good.

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Aidell’s Cheicken Sausage Review

I am going to start this post with their website.  Look at the picture of Chef Bruce on the product and how happy he is.  This is how I feel when I eat the product too.

We tried the Pineapple and bacon recently but I have tried several of the other flavors as well.   looking at their website they have so many I have never seen but really want to try. I have never been dissatisfied with any of the ones I have tried so far.

Flavor is wonderful and this particular flavor was pure enjoyment that paired well with a salad.   We made this into two meals since it was just me and my gluten eating sister; who really enjoyed them as well. they paired nicely with sautéed brocoli too.  I am not sure there isn’t anything these would pair well with.

Want to know another reason I love Aidell’s?   I like how they keep things pure and simple and wholesome.   there is no MSG, no added hormones, no artificial ingredients, its minimally processed and yes it has sugar (why do people give sugar such a bad name, moderation people!) and has just the right amount of flavor.   They are fully cooked so you just warm them making this the perfect little thing to take almost anywhere.

4 thumbs up because we had two reviewers this time.   Aidells you do a wonderful job never get sloppy with your ingredients or processing and you will have me as a consumer for life!

Way to go on a well made, healthy product.


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Glutenfreeda Pocket Sandwhich Review

I was extremely excited when I found this product in my stores.   A gluten-free Hot Pocket?  I love hot pockets.   I could probably survive months on hot pockets alone.   I bought three of them One for my sister (a gluten eater), my daughter (non gluten eater) and myself (a non gluten eater)

the review,   Excuse me for a moment while I muster up the words to say this nicely…………………………………….   YUCK.

My daughter has tried another version and she assured me it was much better, I am going to have to try myself to believe it.   First lets start with appearance.

compare with me the two photos, the one on the box and even on their website look so very yummy.  Makes your mouth water  but what you actually get is so different.  photo 4 chee

I am trying to be nice here but it was like eating something that someone literally already ate and regurgitated.   the look alone was awful, the texture was less than pleasant and the taste was just a jumbled mess.  Combined this with a crust that was hard, chewy and almost inedible I was really taken aback.  I usually like Glutenfreeda; now I haven’t tried a large amount of their products but enough to know its a good brand but this product just failed on every level!!!

Sorry Glutenfreeda I am giving this product a “I will never buy again” label until I see a big change in the product.


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Vegan Calamari Review


In my defense I am a natural blonde.  During a recent trip to my natural food store I was making one more sweep down the frozen food isle in search of Ian’s Gluten Free Onion Rings, when my eyes saw Gluten free Calamari.   I got so excited I grabbed a box and a box of crab cakes from Sophies.   When I opened them up I see Vegan which meant nothing to me since I am not vegan except in a little circle it says meat and soy free.   Okay whats the Calamari?

Would I have bought this had I read all the fine print. NO but since I had it home and it was 7pm and I had nothing else I figured I would try it.

First like I said I know nothing about vegan, so maybe their foods taste different, much different from gluten free.   My initial response was like, no way. It had a weird aftertaste, it wasn’t chewy like calamari which is what I was craving.  The only positive was it was this little breaded item which at least gave me that texture pleasure but I will have to say that was it.   I had to douse it in sauce to even get that far.

This personally is not something I would ever buy again but to someone who is vegan I am sure it is a great product although I am not sure how you get past that after taste, its a taste I can’t even explain.   I am currently drinking very strong coffee with cream and sugar to get rid of it.

sorry but this product does not score any points at all in my book.    I do have the crab cakes so we will see how that sets next time I venture eating something from Sophies.

disappointed and really not feeling so well at this point, I don’t think my tummy liked it at all.  I should have quit at 1 but I wanted to give it a chance so I did eat a few.





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Daiya Frozen Pizza Review

this is our new favorite splurge.   I say splurge because this single serve pizza (truth be told me and my son could probably down two of them but we would be mighty full).   It is Gluten/dairy/Soy free.

it is a frozen pizza you just throw in the oven and heat up.   you can also send it to school for them to let them heat up covered in foil of course on pizza party days.  I have even sent this to church and to birthday parties.    I love this pizza.  I love how easy it is, I love the taste I love the texture and I love how my son gobbles it down.  He could eat this every night!  I could probably eat this every night.

this is receiving 4 thumbs up 2 thumbs each from my son and I.

Worth the the $10 per pizza.

222 333


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Patriotic Jello Jigglers

I have always wanted to make multi-colored jigglers, not sure why.  I think they just look prettier and are more fun to eat.   I have also wanted to make the jello parfait cups with the fancy whipped cream in the middle of the layers.   In any case I decided to do jigglers for the 4th of July.

You know me I am always saying how easy it is to make your own jello.   On most occasions I will make my own but I wanted these to pop, to stand out, to stand for America!  (feel free to burst in to America the Beautiful or any song like it)    but I still had to figure out how to make the white layer using no dairy. hmmmmmm   my solution, I made homemade condensed coconut milk.

11Don’t these look good?

Red Layer – 1 box of of red jello (your choice of flavor) mixed with 1.25 cups of water.   stir until dissolved and place into a cake baking pan.  You want your layers to be thin or you will get a really thick piece of jello.  place in fridge.  don’t let set 100%

White layer – Take one can of coconut milk and pour off the watery liquid.  you should be left with a pretty large amount of coconut.   If you don’t have a large amount then pour the whole can into a sauce pan.   add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of sugar (depends how sweet you want it, but really 1/2 is plenty)   simmer this until it gets thicker looking (stirring almost constantly) and reduces down to 1 cup of coconut milk.   Take two envelopes of knox gelatin and pour in 1 cup of water dissolve.  then mix in the cooled coconut milk.

check your first layer make sure it is almost set but not all the way.  you want your finger to bounce off the top a bit but not so much its rubbery.  make sure your white layer is not to hot that it will melt your first layer.   gently and I mean gently pour the white over the red layer.  Put back into the fridge to set most of the way.

Blue layer – take one box of blue jello (cringe oh the food dye) and add 1.25 cups of water and dissolve.  this you will add once the white layer is almost all set again pouring very gently.

Place all back into the fridge to let set 100% then cut.  they are a magnificent site on a plate, the colors just boomed and it just screamed America!    okay you can do any color you want and have it scream anything you want but the layered jigglers were so cute I am going to start making this a holiday treat and playing with all my colors.   Natural colors next time since I found out jut how easy this was to do.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!




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Healthy beneficial Pudding Pops!

Raise your hand if you remember your momma making you frozen jello-pudding pops? (my hand is raised high in the air)   Nothing beats a frozen pudding pop.  Even Bill Cosby loved these things and I believe seeing him on TV with one is what prompted mothers all over America to give their kids the same.

I don’t buy pudding, I don’t like the chemicals, fake ingredients and the processing.    But the idea hit me as I was hunting for some suitable Popsicle treats at the store.  (I was actually looking for root-beer pops which they must not make in my neck of the woods anymore) and the thought struck me.  Pudding pops!    so I came home and I was going to make home-made pudding.   Well after eying two very ripe avocados on my counter I got another idea.    but not to be stopped at something so simple I thought how can I doctor these things up!   I will tell you how I did it.

My healthy Pudding Pops!

In my handy dandy vitamix I placed 2 very ripe avocados, 4 tbsp Hershey cocoa, 12 dates, tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup of almond milk. (see prior post on almond milk!).

I blended this until it was smooth and fluffy.   (make sure you taste because everyone’s taste is different and you may want to add actual sugar or more dates, or more chocolate.)

Once you find what you like add the TWIST.   1 drop of Doterra peppermint oil. (one drop, do you hear me, only 1 or you will have a peppermint pop!)   mix just enough to have it incorporated.

fill your Popsicle containers and freeze.    then enjoy!

OH Yeah Mint Chocolate pudding pops.

pop1 pop2q



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Homemade Almond milk

07/06/2014  Notes:   Make sure you blanch and take the skins off, this leaves a bitter taste, add a pinch of salt and a few dates for sweetness.    I am still not please with home made milk, it will take awhile for me to get use to I think.

have you ever wondered about making your own almond milk at home?    I heard people talking all the time how they make their own milks and I would think whats the big deal I can go down to any store and get almond or coconut milk.  It use to be you could only go to a health food store but now they are everywhere in abundance.   So frankly I never worried about it or gave it a thought.

But guess what Karma caught up with me.   I was recently tested positive for two copies of the A1298C Mutation.   (MTHFR)   In simple terms I just have to revise my diet a little more and I can no longer have any foods that are fortified or have added vitamins and minerals.    Whoops that means no more milk subs or none that I know of yet that are not fortified.   boo hoo; I like almond or coconut milk in my coffee, when I cook, in my cereal which I am having a hard time finding cereals as well.

Anyway  I found out making your own milk is quiet easy.     Very easy.   I would probably give it up 100% if it weren’t easy, that’s just me.  So far I have only tried almonds.

STEP 1:    Take two cups of raw almonds.  Soak them in water making sure there is 1 inch above the almonds.   this will take two days so you will need almonds going in two different containers if you go through a lot of milk.   this will make 4 cups of milk approximately.  Each day you want to empty them and rinse and refill with water.

STEP 2: On the third day drain and rinse and put the two cups of soaked almonds in your vitamix or high-speed blender and add 4 cups of water.   Blend until very fine particles are left.   (If I had balanced my almonds or bought skinless I don’t think I would have had very much discard at all, it was mostly skin) (I added a tsp of vanilla but you can add sweetener if you normally buy sweetened almond milk.)

STEP 3:  I took a fine wired sieve and lined it with cheese cloth (large enough that you can wrap the almonds up and squeeze the milk out in small batches.    I did this over a wide bowl as to not make a mess.    I squeezed the cheese cloth till dry over the fine sieve.  this gave me double coverage.  I discarded the almond meal into a separate container and continued the process until I had all my milk.   You want to make sure you only put a small amount in each time and just keep repeating.


a b c d



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