My Doterra Life

Someone asked me today how oils have changed my life. I gave a quick answer but then I thought about it for the rest of the day…………I can’t even begin to list all the changes that have happened since I started healing myself and using Doterra oils in my life.

First off I will tell you I was a sickly child, the child that always got to skip P.E. because my asthma attacks would be so bad. The child who missed too much school because I was always at home on the couch with illness. That carried over into my adulthood and I thought being sickly was just part of who I was. I pulled a two week on and off shift; meaning I would be sick for two weeks and well for two weeks. That is a little bit of an exaggeration but basically true, I was always sick.

I am not a hypochondriac, like some doctors use to tell me. I have/had real illness, it’s just they were too stupid to figure it out. Some illness has been found and I am working on it like my Celiac Disease which I have probably had most of my life it just finally tried to kill me 9 years ago.

9 years ago was a turning point. I was on 20+ medications to function…….Want to know how many I am on now? Two FDA drugs (Coumadin and T3) plus my doterra vitamins. 20 down to 2, I say that is amazing. I had things for pain, for blood sugar, for other illnesses pills that counter acted the side effects of other pills, I took so many pills I was constantly full, who needed food……… (Another exaggeration but they did fill me up)

My list of illnesses

Currently: Celiac Disease, MTHFR, Asthma, colitis, Coumadin therapy for blood clots, hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, arthritic psoriasis, hyperglycemia, I also have a brain cyst and a pituitary adenoma, (these are things I will always have but they can be kept under control)

What have I cured or controlled? All the items on the list above are 100% controlled. I am no longer border line diabetic, I was on glaucoma eye drops but that’s gone, I have rid myself of heavy metal poisoning, candida and Lyme disease. I no longer have insomnia. (Those who don’t sleep for weeks on end know how wonderful conquering this was)

So in short I control the Celiac and MTHFR by diet of course, I don’t take asthma meds (which I never thought would happen since I was very severe) My psoriasis is under control (unless I eat gluten) my arthritic psoriasis stays under control, my hyperglycemia is great and well I am looking forward to great news on my cyst and adenoma on my next MRI visit.

Do I still get sick? Yes and no.

The last two colds that have gone around, I have gotten a tinge. I felt it but it was so mild I didn’t slow down. (Remember me before I would get sick if I walked by someone with the sniffles and be on the couch for two weeks) I have had an asthma attack but it was so short and mild it was like a tap on the shoulder vs a slap in the face. My blood sugar sometimes goes low when I have a bad diet but there is oil for that. My celiac and MTHFR along with Colitis all flare up if I eat gluten but funny thing is I use to be doubled over in pain, totally confused and out of sorts, now that my body is healed and I have oils to fall back on Its just like getting an upset tummy. My arthritic psoriasis was so bad I barely could pick up a cup of coffee, but now I keep inflammation down. Plus my face use to hurt so bad my scalp itch so intense I would just cry, that is now all handled and kept to a minimum. (Note: when I say eat gluten, I mean by accident or cross contamination. Gluten slowly kills me; I would never eat it on purpose)

What all do I do? Well mainly I take the vitamins. They are what keeps me healthy every day and then when things flare up or I get into something I shouldn’t like gluten I have oils to back me up. And of course there are the oils just for the little things like scrapes and a good night’s rest which I have really enjoyed. Oils for headaches, bloating, and just about everything else.

Here is another benefit. I started frankincense on my face for psoriasis and it does wonders for keeping my face looking young. With illness one ages fast………..but with my oils I have gotten so many “no way” or “you have to be kidding” when I tell them my age. Just a great side effect, young looking skin.

Some ask me if it’s expensive and I will say yes. But you know what so are doctor bills. I can show you all of mine. We could have bought 5 new cars within the last two years alone on what I have spent in doctors/hospital bills. In the last three months I have seen one doctor for a routine checkup and update and no hospital procedures. That alone has paid for my oils. So I save money by spending on oils.

Set up is confusing and expensive but so worth the investment.

I would love to show the world how to be happier, healthier and just be able to enjoy life again.

What about you?

Can I show you how to live healthier and happier?

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Great Value Gluten Free pretzels.

Our Walmart (I am sure all walmarts) have come out with their own line of gluten free foods.  I have been slowly trying them all.  I am not a fan of all of them but I so applaud them for trying so hard.

I recently found these………….Gluten free pretzels.

IMG_3137 I usually buy Glutino brand however they changed their recipe or way of doing things a while back and since then (although I get some great batches from time to time) their pretzels are just hard on the teeth and have a burnt taste to them.   The hard on the teeth is what really get me.  Its tiring to eat food like that.

I really like these because they fit our needs, gluten/dairy/soy free (soy letchin it has) but they have an awesome flavor.  they taste buttery.   so as you are eating you feel like you are getting this rich food and you can’t chow down on as much as you can if it is just dry crunchy foods.  Not sure how they get the buttery taste in there without butter but they do and I love it. 

I put the bag in my car so I didn’t have to share with anyone.   Sadly they are no cheaper than glutino but hey did I expect that?   Kind of yes but no because it is gluten free.  

I give them two thumbs up and I will definitely buy over other brands.  now they need to come out with some flavored pretzels like honey mustard…………….


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Katz donut review


while I was buying donuts for my son’s birthday I came across Katz.  I had tasted Katz before at a celiac support group meeting however since I hadn’t tasted powdered sugar donuts in 9 years I thought I was being a little too generous saying they were great.    So I tried them again, everyone loved these.

We love donuts, our house use to be donut fanatics, going and getting a dozen donuts for road trips and fishing trips and just out for donuts in the mornings; so being celiac put a lock on that cell door.  We did enjoy Kinninninick for quite some time until their products just kept getting smaller and poorer quality.  Sad for them  but I saw Katz at my health food store and scooped it right up.  I would give anything to try the rest of the donut products but alas my stores just carry the one item.   (sad face)

Cons: the price of course, but really is there anything gluten free that isn’t expensive?  


1.  the taste is great, the powder falls everywhere just like a real powdered donut.  As a kid you would wear more of it than you would get in your mouth.

2.  The texture is not perfect but it is not gummy or chewy.  its quite airy but a little on the dry side.

3.  the aftertaste is just that of the wonderful donut.  In fact even though you want to drink your almond milk afterwards because your mouth is dry you don’t want to get rid of the taste.

4.  everyone who tasted these were amazed, there were comments like are they really gluten free and where have these been all my life to just Yummy  can I have another please.


two thumbs up for this particular donut.  I wish I could vouch for the others but one day I will get to taste them all! 

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Kinnikinnick Donut Review

when we first went gluten free these donuts were heavenly.   I am not sure if we just learned how to eat better foods or the quality and quantity has sorely gone down hill for Kinnikinnick.    I use to be willing to pay $8 a box for these but now cringe when I have to.  

Sadly my son still enjoys these and I splurge and get them for him for his birthday.  He just likes the chocolate coated and maple coated ones which the other companies that we have in our stores have not come out with yet.   (see other post on Katz, they have a large variety but I can’t get them in my neck of the woods)    so I thought I would review them since I was having to buy them anyway.


Lets break it down.

Pros:   the coating on them is good……… that’s about it.


1.The price for the quality and quantity of product you get.   Seriously one donut is three bites.

2.  the texture is gummy and unpleasant

3.  the aftertaste is awful, I drink a whole glass of almond milk with each donut; it is that dense and nasty. (why do I eat it, well I don’t any more but I did taste each flavor for the sake of this review.  I really wanted it to be positive because like I said they use to be my all time favorite until their quality went downhill)

4.  I just have nothing good to say.  I am sorry but I just don’t enjoy their donut products.  I have tried all 4 flavors and what use to be heaven is just now not worth even looking at any more.

Sorry but they get a two thumbs down from me.  

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Cooking with Doterra

We recently had a party and everything I did was made with doterra oils.  I forgot to take photos of all my truffles but there were three kinds and they were awesome.  dark chocolate wild orange, white chocolate lavender and milk chocolate peppermint.   plus we dipped gluten free pretzels in the white chocolate lavender and they were awesome.  I also did stuffed strawberries with cream cheese and lavender and cream cheese and lemon.   Here are a few of my pictures.


Lemon cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes


wild orange cereal squares

wild orange cereal squares



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Stuffed green peppers

I so often forget to take photos for you, which is why I have been lacking on my posts but this one was a good one, so I am just going to tell you about it.

I got some beautiful green peppers in my organic box this week and the first thing that pops into my mind is stuff them. Laughing at myself because I have never done this before I thought how hard can it be. Let me tell you it was easy as making gluten free cookies… the way that’s easy!

I used my meatloaf magic recipe which is basically I just took meat (today it was ground chicken) and I added in anything that looked like it was on its last legs in my fridge which happened to be 2 large carrots, 1/2 red onion, a few cremini mushrooms and two large cloves of garlic.  I minced all the veggies up in my food processor (why?  I have picky eaters and if they are just chopped they are going to pick them out!)   I sauteed them up in some fancy olive oil. (my family loves olive oils and I have quite the collection.   I will post a photos since I didn’t get the green peppers photographed)

after sauteing up the veggies I mixed them into the ground turkey and added a can of tomato paste (small can)  this is where it got interesting!

I took out enough meat mixture to make 6 muffin sized meat cupcakes;  to that I added Daiya cheese and an egg to keep it all together and put in the muffin tins to make mini meatloaf’s for my son.

I took the rest of the meat mix and divided it into 4 parts (I had 4 peppers)  First batch I put again Daiya cheese and extra salt and filled one pepper.  (this was mine)

I took two portions and added mozzarella cheese and some more seasoning such as garlic and onion powder and filled two peppers.

I took the remaining meat mix and added a finely chopped jalapeno along with extra seasoning and mozzarella cheese.  this was my husbands.

I was amazed because my son, who generally tries nothing new loved these. (okay I took them out of the muffin tin and put them on a Popsicle stick but still he ate them, all 6 of them!!!!)   He absolutely flipped for these.  My son ate actual meat that i made.   win win win

My husband tried both the regular and the jalapeno filled one and he loved the jalapeno one, it just popped with flavor for him.  As for me I loved mine, the cheesy Daiya goodness was perfect.  My young adult, well she don’t like hardly anything I make so she wasn’t impressed but she did eat the whole thing.   That is also a win in my book.

Stuffing peppers, so easy!  I want to try it with a sweet Red pepper or mini peppers.  I am excited that I can do this now!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, they just may work out.   Happy eating.

here is the pics of my olive oil collection.   If you don’t invest in good olive oils let me tell you something………your poisoning your body.   most olive oils out there mix with soy or peanut oils to cut their costs.  I have a previous post on this and I am not afraid to let everyone know!!!!   Soy makes us sick here and I can tell a good oil from a bad oil and watch your restaurants too they use cheap olive oils!!!

I have normal olive oils (good quality) in my pantry also but this is what I have setting out on my counters.   We love our oils.   My husbands favorite of course is the jalapeno olive oil, and my daughter is partial to the truffle olive oils.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

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Follow me on Facebook

I have had several people ask why I don’t update this blog more often.  Well I like to keep this for long posts, new recipes or product reviews.  however I post all the time on my Facebook page.   There is where you will find some hints, tips and just general chit chat about things like today, I posted what I love to eat for lunch.

so for those of you missing more action visit my page on Facebook.    I would love to see you there!

And follow my journey with Essential Oils too.


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Eating Right Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese boxed meal Review

I know it seems like I have been doing a lot of product reviews lately and well I admit I have been eating a lot of processed foods.   One because my husband was gone and well who cooks when the hubby is gone?  I applaud your stamina if you do but I chill, let the kids fend for themselves.  Okay I did cook for the little one but everyone else…they were on their own.

We don’t buy processed items, canned items, or pre-made stuff hardly at all anymore so I used this time to get rid of things in my freezer and pantry.  Most were items I bought thinking they looked good but there they sat because we just don’t eat that kind of food in our home.

First off I wanted to be able to direct you to a website, I think that is the most important thing of a review.  But I literally spent 20 minutes searching, every phrase on the box and came up with nothing!

It is a Safeway brand food put out by Lucerne Food Inc.  It is Called Eating right for Gluten free, Gluten free deluxe Macaroni and cheese.  So I will just post the pictures.

photo 1 photo 2

I had a gluten eater with me at the time we sampled this. (don’t you love that term.  I use it all the time, oh you’re a gluten eater?  oh yeah I forget you’re a gluten eater!….he he he well it is only fair we get oh your on that gluten-free diet, or your one of those people who won’t eat gluten all the time.  Yeah no, I would never choose this life, it is only because of the Celiac.   but enough ranting)

her opinion that it tasted a lot like Velveeta mac and cheese.   I haven’t had Velveeta in a very long time but I recall it being a lot better than this.   I found this to have a very processed, plastic, fake, non creamy, non appealing, brown rice after taste and texture that was just not something I would put into my mouth again unless I had no other options.

She doctored it up the next day with some hot dogs cut into it and again she said it was not worse than normal boxed gluten filled macaroni and cheeses (cheap brands mind you, not kraft Mac and cheese)   So I guess I can’t complain too much it is just as good as the gluten filled boxed things.

Would I buy it again, Yeah probably for a camping trip but it won’t be on my grocery list and not just because we don’t buy processed food, it’s just I won’t feed this to my family when there is just so many other ways to make better tasting gluten-free mac and cheese including boiling up some pasta and melting processed cheese over it.

My reviews lately have been less than fun, I am so ready for a brand I can brag about and recommend to everyone.    Will that happen soon?  I sure hope so.


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Vegan Crab Cake Review

Do you remember my Vegan Calamari review?  If not click here.


These remind me back when we were first diagnosed with Celiac disease and there was hardly anything on the market except cardboard bread and things that just tasted like disgusting make overs of our normal foods.   Gluten free food has come a long way and I have to wonder why hasn’t Vegan come further?   Vegan I would think has been around a lot longer than Gluten free?

On with the review.     To say it nicely again……..Yuck.

I will say this was more edible than the calamari but oh so bland, and the texture was off and it had absolutely no taste of crab.  I closed my eyes, I imagined with all my might, I even pulled up a picture of a crab to see if seeing would help me believe that I was eating it. Nope, Nada, Nothing, zip, zero.  yuck.

Is vegan an acquired taste?  they say gluten free is something to get use to although anyone I invite to my home and relatives that visit can’t tell the difference between my cooking and others.  Mine is always gluten free.

So is it the brand?  I can’t honestly tell you.  I picked these up by mistake because they said gluten free and soy free.   I didn’t notice the Vegan til I got home.     Would I ever go Vegan?  Not after trying these two products unless I had no other choice like my celiac disease.

Oh boy the things I subject my body to sometimes in the name of product reviews.

sorry but I will never ever buy these again.

photo 2 photo 4



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Breakfast Cups

photo 1

Look at these cute little things I made for my sister while she was up.  They were so amazingly good and they tasted just as good the next day heated up too.  There has never been anything more simple to make than these.  The one on the left is in my silicone muffin tin and the one of the right is taken out.  they retain their shape wonderfully.

take some deli meat, what ever you like but we used ham, and put them in a muffin tin.   I used my silicone baking cups which I just adore.

then make your scrambled egg mixture (don’t add milk or water but just straight eggs and seasoning) which is however you want to make it.  I did eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder and minced onion.  I filled each ham cup 3/4 of the way full.

Then top with whatever cheese you wish to use.   For my sister I used mont/jack cheese and for my son and I we used Daiya cheese.

Place in a 350 degrees oven until a knife inserted comes out clean.  about 20 minutes but all ovens vary.

this packs well in school lunches, picnic baskets, brown bag lunches, breakfast on the go, quick after workout snack, camping.  I really can’t think of a place these won’t go and still be good.

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