Gluten Free Uncrustables

is this even possible?  So far I am beginning to think it is  not…….

My problem lies with a bread not being flexible enough to bend around the PB&J when pressed.

I am using a Pampered Chef gadget for tarts.

Udi and Rudi’s bread is just too small for my tart press and not sturdy enough so when I make a tart it just oozes out of all the holes.   So I decide to make my own loaf of bread, this I know I can get large enough that the tart press will only get the inside of the bread and I tried it while it was warm thinking it might be more flexible, didn’t work so I tried it while cold and it didn’t work.

How can this be done.  not sure yet. other store-bought breads are too stiff and won’t make a tart.  Am I doomed?   probably yes,  as when I googled the subject it doesn’t look too many other people have quite accomplished this yet either.  so I am destined to just cut the crust off of bread which if using store-bought bread leaves me with two bites of pb&j  but who has time to make homemade every couple of days.   I think I will play with a thin crusted or no crusted bread recipe.  not sure how but there has to be a way.

My ultimate goal was to be able to freeze these uncrustables and just pack them daily in a lunch.   I just have to keep trying.  I live for convenience and today it just didn’t work for me.

UPDATE NOTE:   not possible so I have found.  Every type of bread imaginable did not work.   so my solution glutino crackers.   I now open a package make peanut butter cracker sandwiches put 1/2 in his lunch and 1/2 for the next day.   works great and they dont’ get soggy!   Problem solved because it’s also easier to eat in the lunch room and I don’t have to worry about my kid throwing half the sandwich away!

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One Response to Gluten Free Uncrustables

  1. So I tried something that other people were doing with regular bread putting PB on both sides and a squirt of jelly in the middle and just freezing the sandwhich. Excitedly I did the whole dang loaf and guess what it don’t work on gluten free bread. A little help from anyone who has successfully done anything like what I am trying to accomplish is welcome!


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