Happy 2014

Wow, can you really believe it is 2014.   As a child when it was still in the 1900’s I couldn’t imagine living in the 2000’s but here I am and 14 years into may I add.    Lots of good times.

One of my favorite things to do as a cook is what I call a leftover soup.  I cannot stand to throw anything away!   I don’t understand the obsession , but its one of my bad habits that has turned out some really good dishes.  Tonight for example, I just call it leftover soup.

1 cup of leftover chicken broth ~ 1/2 coup tomato sauce ~ 5 stalks of celery ~ 5 green onions (both green and white parts) ~a few mushrooms ~2 tomatoes tiny diced ~ celery salt ~ sweet paprika ~ water to give it enough liquid ~ and the breast of one left over Cornish hen.   Simmered till all was tender and served it with Hawaiian Red Sea Salt.

Oh yes it was delicious!  Made enough for three small bowls which will be my lunch and dinner tomorrow.  I am super excited.

We are all on different diets in our house.  My son and I of course are gluten/dairy/soy free but he only eats a variety of 10 foods max and since I try to watch the types of food that go into my body (fish sticks not being one of the things I enjoy feeding my body) I opt for soups and stir fries.    My husband and daughter are both watching calories and training for marathons so they are careful but I am not a meat person and they tend to like a thick cut of meat with their meals.

Tonight was great, I had my soup, my son had a hamburger with scharrs bun, daiya cheese and home made potato chips.  My husband and daughter had a portebella hamburger and a lettuce wrapped hamburger with the homemade chips.

What are your nutritional goals for the New Year?


Leftover soup

Leftover soup

hamburger, scharrs bun, daiya cheese and home made chips

hamburger, scharrs bun, daiya cheese and home made chips



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  1. Marleena A says:

    Indy’s looks the best :)


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