Vegan Calamari Review


In my defense I am a natural blonde.  During a recent trip to my natural food store I was making one more sweep down the frozen food isle in search of Ian’s Gluten Free Onion Rings, when my eyes saw Gluten free Calamari.   I got so excited I grabbed a box and a box of crab cakes from Sophies.   When I opened them up I see Vegan which meant nothing to me since I am not vegan except in a little circle it says meat and soy free.   Okay whats the Calamari?

Would I have bought this had I read all the fine print. NO but since I had it home and it was 7pm and I had nothing else I figured I would try it.

First like I said I know nothing about vegan, so maybe their foods taste different, much different from gluten free.   My initial response was like, no way. It had a weird aftertaste, it wasn’t chewy like calamari which is what I was craving.  The only positive was it was this little breaded item which at least gave me that texture pleasure but I will have to say that was it.   I had to douse it in sauce to even get that far.

This personally is not something I would ever buy again but to someone who is vegan I am sure it is a great product although I am not sure how you get past that after taste, its a taste I can’t even explain.   I am currently drinking very strong coffee with cream and sugar to get rid of it.

sorry but this product does not score any points at all in my book.    I do have the crab cakes so we will see how that sets next time I venture eating something from Sophies.

disappointed and really not feeling so well at this point, I don’t think my tummy liked it at all.  I should have quit at 1 but I wanted to give it a chance so I did eat a few.





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